Falkland Islands

Stefan Heijtz is an internationally recognized expert on the philately and postal history of the Falkland Islands. His extensive collection has won international gold medals and eventually a large gold and international Grand Prix. The collection has now been broken down, but Stefan has kindly agreed to make important parts of it available on Netex, as pdf files. It can also be seen on his own website.

Stamps, Proofs and Varieties 1878-1937 shows examples of virtually every stamp and variety, as well as examples of most proofs, known from the Falkland Islands.
Queen Victoria issues
King Edward VII issues
King George V issues
War Stamps
Whale and Penguins, 1933 Centenary and 1935 Silver Jubilee issues

Postmarks 1869-1937 shows examples of every postmark used in the Falkland Islands and Dependencies, including most varieties.
Postmarks Stanley
Cork Obliterators
Other Postmarks

Postal Rates 1840-1937 is a comprehensive display of the postal rates during this period.
Falkland Islands Postal Rates