United States Air Parcel Post to Sweden 1948–1980

Sören Andersson

The purpose of this exhibit is to show the rates for air parcel post from the United States to Sweden. It starts in 1948, when the US Post Office began offering air parcel post to foreign destinations, and ends in 1980, prior to a major change in the rate structure for air mail parcels. Parcel wrappers and fronts with adhesive stamps or meter marks are used to document the rates. The Swedish custom handling fees are also described. The exhibit is shown as a pdf file. (Version PIPEX 2023)

Insured air parcel from Arcata CA to Sollentuna in Sweden 1972. US air parcel fee 1 lb 8 oz–1 lb 12 oz (449c) and insurance fee $25–$50 (45c), total postage 494 cents. A Swedish customs handling fee of 400 öre was paid with Swedish stamps.