United States, Parcel (4th class) mail to Sweden 1906–1961

Sören Andersson

The purpose of this exhibit is to show the rates for parcel mail to Sweden 1906 to 1961. Parcel wrappers and tags with adhesive stamps or meter marks are used to document the rates. As a sideline, Swedish custom handling fees on the items are also explained. The exhibit is shown as a pdf file. (Version SEAPEX 2021)

A ”photo mailer” sent as a parcel from Milwaukee WI to Hamneda in Sweden 1958. US postage, 77 cents, was for parcel fee (47c), insurance fee (20c) and return receipt fee (10c). Swedish postage, 105 öre, was for customs handling fee (30 öre) and custom house porter fee (75 öre).