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NETEX is the Swedish website for online philatelic exhibits. It is owned by Posthistoriska Nätverket, a national association for online philately and member of the Swedish Philatelic Federation. NETEX is basically a Swedish-language website but several exhibits have titles and text in English.

NETEX has three main sections:
• An open archive for exhibits that have been shown at competitive exhibitions (Utställningen).
• Temporary exhibitions and other special events (Salongen).
• A section for members of Posthistoriska Nätverket (Föreningsgalleriet).

Exhibits by exhibition class:
Traditional philately
Postal history
Postal stationery
Thematic philately
Youth philately
Open class

Temporary exhibitions and other special events

Contact: info@netex.se

Inland letter, third weight class, with 4 x 9 öre coat-of-arms type, 1865. From an exhibition of classic Swedish rarities, shown in cooperation with Postmuseum, the Swedish postal museum.